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About the Inn Popov Lug

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The main peculiarity of the inn - unique, colourful, magnetic – as if Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin himself predicted:  “There’s the Russian spirit there, Russia is in the air there”. Really, at our place just everything – from the building of the inn and its interior to various and numerous victuals is full of the Russian spirit. The very Russian antiquity, when in the menu of such establishments there weren’t dishes with French or «аглицкими» names, because all of them were prepared according to old domestic recipes, with observance of truly Russian culinary traditions. And the word “menu” hasn’t yet replaced our native conceptions: the “list to dishes”, ”description to dishes”, “dinner on the map”…

Exactly such dishes are served at the inn “Popov Lug (Popov Meadow)”.  They are not “a la” or “sort of” and “kind of”, but dishes cooked, fried, baked in strict compliance with real old recipes. And as these recipes were created at the time of ecological virginity, thanks to what the dishes were not only harmless, but also especially nourishing and tasty, then at our inn “chicken meat” is walked over and raised on our own farm. What along with the art of the highly skilled cooks leads to the result, which Russian people identified figuratively and accurately: “You’ll lick your fingers”.

Not only indigenously national architecture decorates the environment and generously nourishes the “Russian spirit”, according to the canons of which the timberwork building was constructed. And there are not only wooden tables, benches and the “inn counter”. But there is a stove in the middle of the hall as well.

And while the cook is busy preparing your order, you can enjoy the art of the folk ensembles, with choral and solo singing, with virtuosic playing on Russian national instruments.

Or you can admire beautiful views from the windows. Vast sky, thick forest, Popov Meadow, which gave the inn its name, graceful deer walking around at their ease – at some distance or just two steps away. And, certainly, cleanest, not at all city air, full of the scents of Lake Pleshcheev – famous, amazingly picturesque, which is close at hand from here.  

To learn about the availability of free places, book a table, plan an event – you can via the telephone 8 (495) 644-42-36 or via the feedback form.

Address:  Yaroslavl Region, Pereslavski District, Veskovsky Rural Okrug, 41th km of the highway “Nagorye-Berendeevo”, apartment 1. 

GPS coordinates:   N56° 44.220'    E38° 43.705'

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